The Different Sides Of Self Care

“We are a nation consumed by the idea of productivity.”

At its base level, self-care is about creating gentle habits to encourage a healthy mind and body, one small tweak at a time. 

Between work, family, chores, and recreation, we often lose ourselves to the (real or perceived) obligations to others. Right now we find ourselves being forced to slow down, take space, and alone with ourselves. This could be an opportunity to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Selfish isn’t an insult

Self-Care comes in different forms for different people, but at its core is a way to focus attention internally. Here are a few ideas pampering your spirit:

  • Spend (Virtual) Time with Friends– Not only do you enjoy their company, but they may offer new perspectives on the stressful situations that you’re too close to see. Schedule time to connect with your friends and family over Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or your favorite video chat tool to connect.
  • Pick Up a Hobby– Unable to disconnect at the end of the day? Set aside a specific time to learn something new and hone your skills. Set a date with yourself and don’t ghost or cancel! Always wanted to try your hand at baking? Maybe painting is more your creative speed. Or perhaps it’s time to start that series of novels whose T.V. adaptation you loved so much. 
  • Treat Yourself!– Try some non-food related pampering like a relaxing bath, reading by candlelight, at-home yoga and stretching, or meditation. 
  • Enjoy Solo Exercise– Find something you genuinely like so that you’ll stick with it. Try a walk with your dog, streaming online yoga videos, a bike ride, jogging around your neighborhood, or strength training with your resistance bands.

Although we may be socially distanced right now, no one is alone. Take this time to check in with what your brain and body need, and carve out time at home to implement it. Didn’t see your favorite self-care practice listed here? Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite solo activity!