HR Challenge: Avoid the Satisfaction Slide

Employees are unhappier and less satisfied than ever. The road to dissatisfaction has been traveled by a growing number of workers and spiked in 2021 when disillusioned employees bolted en masse, leaving employers scrambling to reinvent the workplace.

What they discovered is that satisfaction is tied to much more than compensation. Since the pandemic, the line between work and homelife has become even more blurred. Employees crave fulfilling work experiences and expect support from employers to help them overcome stressors and mental health issues that have hit all-time highs. Unfortunately, hybrid work models have isolated many individuals, posing additional challenges to management and HR teams.

The path to achieving a balanced and happier workplace begins at the top. Leaders who can adapt their roles to serve as coaches with a more holistic approach will have a better chance to foster an atmosphere that helps employees achieve their full potential and feel supported.

Compensation issues aside, prioritizing employee well-being paves the way to a happier team. Healthy employees who have the tools to balance the stresses of life and work are more engaged and productive. Our job as leaders is to provide a framework and the necessary resources for success.

Evaluating your wellness benefits is a good start. It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventative benefits are valuable to the well-being of your employees, which will ultimately be reflected in your company’s bottom line.

Access, convenience and flexibility are key factors to designing a winning program. Having low- or no-cost solutions that provide flexibility in choice, employees will be more likely to engage and actually utilize their benefits. In most cases, these services are attainable and affordable through your company’s insurance-funded benefits.

Wellness benefits that are deemed most desirable by employees include:

Mental Health: Topping the list, mental health care is essential to attracting and retaining employees. People want to feel safe, supported and cared for by their employer.

Nutrition: Connect your employees to licensed, registered dietitians that incorporate the best available research and clinical experience to create custom nutrition plans.

Fitness: Break down barriers to wellness by subsidizing the cost of fitness activities, making it easier for your team to build healthy habits.

Physical Therapy: Help employees stay ahead of conditions that can decrease productivity, increase absenteeism and lower morale.

At HUSK, we are committed to empowering healthier living by providing the wellness tools, resources, and access that your team wants and needs to transform your organization into a healthier, happier, sustainable workplace of choice.