America is on the Move

Americans gain an average of two pounds a year.1 By increasing your step count daily you can combat this trend. “Walking an extra 2,000 steps — plus better eating habits — will prevent that weight gain,” says Jim Hill, a professor of Pediatric Health.1

Obesity is a public health crisis.

You don’t need any kind of membership, equipment, or special gear to begin making strides. It may not surprise you that obesity has become a public health crisis in America- approaching a 40% rate.2 We eat too many calories and aren’t active enough to maintain a healthy balance. What’s to be done when we’re so busy with families, work, school, errands, etc.? 

The answer is easier than you may think: get walking! Slip on those sneakers and take the stairs, stroll during lunch, and park farther away. For an added benefit, try cutting out 100 calories per day.

There is no quick fix.

The key to maintaining lifestyle changes is making them incrementally. Extreme lifestyle changes put you at risk of developing various conditions and injuries.3 Remember, slow and steady wins the race.