Are Wellness Programs even MORE important for Small Business?

At first glance it’s easy to understand why small businesses (under 500 employees) would be hesitant to implement wellness programs. First there is the cost associated, then there is the perceived time and manpower required to implement and track it. It’s difficult to compete with the big guys who seemingly have unending resources. 

However, these barriers are often misconceptions- many companies today, like GlobalFit, have affordable, flexible, web and mobile-based platforms that relieve organizations of the financial and administrative burdens of implementing a wellness program.

Here are a few reasons why it’s crucial for small businesses to have a comprehensive wellness program for employees in order to compete in the market:

  1. ATTRACTION– Having a wellness benefit shows what kind of employer you are- one that cares for the well-being of your people. Making this kind of statement goes a long way in recruiting the best and the brightest employees to your team. 
  2. RETENTION– Fitness reimbursements and discounts, smoking cessation programs, and mindfulness solutions help engage your employees. Being directly linked to mood, exercise can create happier and more productive workers.
  3. REDUCTION– Companies with wellness programs see lower stress, healthcare costs, hospital admissions, and health-related absences. The reduction of costs per dollar spent toward a wellness program can be as high as 4:1!1
  4. PREVENTION– Countless studies show that the best way to prevent chronic illness is activity. By incentivizing your employees to exercise and be active you may be changing their lives in the most literal sense.2 Their gratitude, lifestyle changes, and elevated moods set the tone for your company’s culture and create loyalty.