Family Fun Takes Many Forms

While some families may enjoy going to the movies or out to eat together, try to share activities that are more physically active!

Activity For the Whole Family

Instead of sitting in a movie theater for two hours, why not walk through a museum? Rather than going to a restaurant, try going apple or berry picking at a farm. Employees with access to GlobalFit programs are able to track their steps by integrating a wearable device. Set a threshold and challenge yourself to get out and move with your family! You could be setting an example for the generations to come.

Keep The Energy Up

Family fun in the sun can have you moving around all day and expending loads of energy. You’re going to need to replenish those lost calories to keep your energy up, but how can you do this at places known for fried, greasy, unhealthy foods?

  • THEME PARKS- Make sure the family stays hydrated in direct sunlight! Keep water and sugar-free, low calorie beverages on you and opt for side salads over fries.
  • STADIUMS- Watch your toppings! Opt for a hotdog or hamburger with only mustard or ketchup, lettuce, and tomatoes instead of the chili-cheese version. You can even forgo the bun and wrap it in crisp lettuce!
  • DRIVE THROUGHS- Sometimes you need to stop somewhere quick on the way to your destination. Choose the side of fruit, a wrap, or grilled chicken over fried. Unsweetened iced tea can replace your sugary soda.