How Diversity and Inclusivity Affect Your Bottom Line

“There are endless combinations to the human experience, and they all come with valuable perspectives.”

We hear the terms diversity and inclusion often, yet may not know how they differ.

Imagine you’re hosting a barbecue—you invite your colleagues, your Tuesday night bowling league, your buddies from college, and your neighbors. Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to play the lawn games. Everyone was invited for a reason, and it’s your job to make sure they feel that way.

In order to innovate, it helps to have diversity of thought (read: different backgrounds = unique ideas). Adding diversity to your workforce can diminish your company’s blind spots! What else does diversity in the office offer?

  1. Increased Retention- If employees feel supported in bringing their whole selves to work, they are more likely to be loyal to the organization.
  2. Stronger Brand- When a company practices what it preaches the far-reaching effect is maximized.
  3. Bigger Profit- A more diverse workforce is more likely to relate to the needs of its varied clients.

“When you focus on recruiting great employees from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, you can create an organizational culture that includes everyone.”

All organizations need to strongly consider the business of the business—that is, how leadership can create an intentional culture of inclusion, support, mutual respect, values, and accountability.

By creating a diverse and inclusive culture you’re bolstering your business with unique perspectives, varied skill sets, and a wide range of knowledge.