Managing the Winter Blues

Don't let winter derail your progress.

When you think of winter time, do you think of happy holidays and snuggling by a fire? In an ideal world this would be the prototypical scene for the season. Unfortunately for many, winter can also bring with it some unwanted guests: 


Depression- With less sunshine comes less serotonin, your feel-good chemical.

Sedentariness- Many of us are less inclined to go outside for activity in the frosty temps!

Weight Gain- All of the holidays packed into these months can lead to over-indulgence and less activity.

Anxiety- From holiday hosting to the effects of unpredictable weather, you may feel more on-edge.

If you’re feeling listless, lethargic, or lacking your usual spunk, we’ve got some suggestions for staying engaged with workplace wellness through the winter:

Cheers for Peers- Recognize a co-worker for their efforts and you will both feel more engaged, positive, and productive!1

Go Green- Adding a plant to your home or office boosts productivity, focus, and positivity.2

Embrace It- Want to get outside? Bundle up and plan cold weather activities like ice skating and holiday markets.

Keep the Fridge Stocked- Make sure you have plenty of warm beverages and Vitamin D-packed snacks on hand during the workday.

Social Engagement- Try a day of volunteering, fundraising, or cooking for others as a team.

Health and Wellness Programs- Can’t do your preferred exercise outdoors? Try an indoor fitness facility to boost your mental health, get better sleep, and boost your immune system.2