Sitting after work is slowly killing us.

Is sitting your go-to after work and dinner activity? A study detailed in the Journal of the American Heart Association revealed that people who “spent four hours or more watching TV every day had a 50% greater risk of heart disease and death[.]”1 It’s not sitting at your desk all day that’s so dangerous- it’s the post-work lounge in front of the television. At work, you tend to take small breaks; on the couch, not so much.

Luckily, there's a quick fix.

The solution is simple: exercise. A Columbia University study showed that “replacing the time you spend sitting at home with tenuous exercise could reduce your risk of heart disease and death.”1 Instead of winding down with Netflix and chill after work, here are a few ideas to help you ease off the sofa and onto your feet:

  • WALK– Go for a brisk walk with a partner or pet, or even enjoy the sounds of nature in the park on your own.
  • UNWIND– Try a solo Yoga practice to unwind both physically and mentally, or join a Yoga group or class.
  • EXPLORE– Hop on your bike and explore your neighborhood! Try a route you’ve never taken.
  • HIKE– Check your local park’s map to find trails of different lengths.