HUSK Mental Health+

Virtual Mental Health Seminars

HUSK Mental Health+ is a live mental health presentation that highlights a deeper understanding of popular topics such as stress, emotional wellness and self-care. HUSK Mental Health Therapists provide practical tips attendees can put into action right away using evidence-based information. Each seminar topic comes with an interactive workbook to guide participants with personalized insight into their own health.

  • Created and presented by Licensed Mental Health Therapists.
  • Health seminars include a workbook for employees to follow along at home or in the office, which will be shared 1-2 weeks prior for those who RSVP.
  • Q&A opportunity following the presentation.

Engage and Inform Employees

45-60 Minute Pesentation

Delivered By Mental Health Therapists

Recording Provided

Seminar Topics

Discuss the impacts of daily stress on long-term mental health. Focus on learning and implementing adaptive coping skills to decrease stress in the moment and beyond.
Defining resilience. Learning 7 strategies to develop resilience further.
Discuss habit research and value of routine in supporting mental health. Learn tools to easily develop healthy habits.
Focus on defining various domains of wellness with specific focus on emotional wellness. Discuss ways to elevate mood. Learn to implement CBT techniques independently to navigate stressors.
Learn to assert your needs and establish boundaries to better manage mood, anxiety levels, and relationship conflicts.
Defining self-care and its value in mental health. Developing your own self-care plan. Discussing ways to set limits and boundaries to support mental health.

Questions About Mental Health+