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Virtual Health Seminars

A live nutrition presentation that highlights a deeper understanding of popular topics such as gut health and healthy aging. Presented by a HUSK dietitian with evidence-based information which is translated into practical tips attendees can put into action right away. Each seminar topic comes with an interactive workbook to guide participants with personalized insight into their own health.

  • All health seminars are live and interactive
  • Created and presented by Licensed Registered Dietitians
  • Health seminars can include a workbook for employees to follow along, at home or in the office, and will be shared 1-2 weeks prior for those who RSVP
  • Q&A opportunity following the presentation!

Engage and Inform Employees

45-60 Minute Pesentation

Delivered By Nutrition Experts

Recording Provided

Seminar Topics

Participants will learn about four different approaches to preparing appropriately portioned, healthy meals for one that meet their lifestyle, budget, and variety preferences! We’ll also cover tangible grocery shopping tips, budget swaps, and 12 tasty recipes to try out this week!
With all of the various diet information out there, it can be hard to determine what we should and should not include at each meal. This presentation will review what goes into building a healthy and balanced meal so that you can be confident in making nutritious and satisfying meal choices without any of the complicated rules that fad diets come with.
Pros and cons of dining out versus dining in, how to navigate menus when dining out, and how to build healthy meals at home. You will be provided with tips and tricks on how to find a happy medium between dining out and dining in while not giving up on your nutrition related goals!
A presentation on the role of fluid in the body, it’s effects of dehydration, and how to tell whether or not you are hydrated. The hydration presentation provides a guideline on the best and worst sources of hydration.
Cardiovascular diseases are among the top 10 men’s health issues worldwide. This presentation dives into best practices for preventing and managing cardiovascular health, diabetes, stress, and more.
In this presentation, we’ll take a look at our nutritional needs over time and see how they change as we age. Learn more about hormones, anti-inflammatory foods, eating for your cycle, menopause, and post-menopause.
Registered Dietitian evidence based nutrition seminar based on energy and one’s nutrition. Participants will learn how the food they consume increased or reduces energy.
An overview on the 8 most popular FAD diets, along with pros and cons to each FAD diet.
Discover how to support your gut health through diet and learn exciting new research about the power of our digestive tract!
An engaging workshop on the importance of healthy aging, highlighting ways to lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and inflammation.
Baking sweets can actually be nutritious! During this presentation we will discuss ways to increase nutrient content of desserts. We will explore substitutes for fat, sugars and flour. You’ll walk away with tips to make desserts healthy but also delicious!
As inflation goes up so does our grocery bill. Learn how to make the most of your grocery budget while we review hacks for your favorite meals, cost analysis of your go-to products and grocery lists. This seminar also includes an interactive Price is Right game.
Learn healthy tips and discover ways to stay on track during the busy work week and while you’re on the go!
Learn lifestyle choices that may help lower risk for heart disease, as well as simple tricks for selecting heart healthy meals at home and on-the-go.
The holidays should be filled with fun, good food, family, friends, and indulgences! However, those indulgences do not have to ruin your wellness goals. Let the HUSK Nutrition team walk you through suggestions, tips, and swaps to make your holiday a bit healthier and align with health goals
This seminar will provide you with the tips tricks and tools needed to help you reduce your inflammation and boost your antioxidants!
Registered Dietitian evidence based nutrition seminar to talk about chronic conditions including but not limited to diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease.
Meeting your health and wellness goals can be challenging and staying on track with your nutrition is hard! Understanding how to read a food label can be one of the most powerful tools to learn. Let HUSK Nutrition walk you through tips and tricks to reading a food label and what to look out for.
Looking to meal plan, but not sure where to start? This presentation will review how to build a balanced plate, create a grocery list, prep-friendly recipes and more.
We will cover definitions of mental health and mental illness, common issues than can affect mental health like stress and burnout. We will also cover strategies to improve mental health and how certain lifestyle factors can affect mental health.
A dynamic presentation on emotional eating that highlights the importance of habit formation and mindful eating as strategies to create lasting behavior change.
Participants will learn about four different approaches to preparing appropriately portioned, healthy meals for one that meet their lifestyle, budget, and variety preferences! We’ll also cover tangible grocery shopping tips, budget swaps, and 12 tasty recipes to try out this week!
The world of supplements can be complex! This presentation will break down some of the most common supplements in the sports / fitness industry. You will learn about the potential benefits of popular supplements and how to identify quality supplements when making purchases.
Learn about what items a registered dietitian nutritionist recommends you have on-hand at home to make life a little easier, happier and healthier. Throughout this presentation, you will learn how to stock your pantry, fridge and freezer with nutritious items to reach your health goals as well as other tips and tricks to promote food safety and ensure freshness during storage.
One of the cornerstones of health and wellness is sleep. Inadequate sleep is correlated to increased weight gain, systemic inflammation, and chronic disease. Getting enough hours of quality sleep should be top priority. HUSK Nutrition will take you through the benefits of proper sleep and strategies to improve your sleep habits.
Learn how to decode the information and misinformation about sugar in the diet and what beneficial foods can be swapped in its place. This program lays out the real facts about sugar and how to navigate through all of the sugar “buzz” in our daily lives.
Football season is upon us and so are the game day snacks. Learn how to navigate the tailgate parties with healthy tips and tricks.

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