HUSK Pro is a practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution that provides tools so that you can focus on what really matters – your clients. Explore our features created to make running your practice easier while reducing administrative burden.

Why HUSK Pro?

HUSK Pro is your all-in-one practice management solution created to simplify running your business, while delivering a great client experience.

Integrated Technology

HUSK Pro’s cutting-edge platform is made with providers in mind. Our cloud-based solution allows you to manage your practice from anywhere without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and systems.

Seamless Administration

Don’t let the administrative burden of marketing, scheduling, and billing hold you back any longer. Simplify your clinical process with our solution designed to help you achieve your goals and focus on client care.

Interactive Digital Experience

HUSK Pro provides your clients with an innovative mobile application featuring food tracking, goal setting, program incentives, visit scheduling, messaging and more. Stay engaged with your clients on every step of their wellness journey.

HUSK Pro Tiers

Explore our three tier options and choose what works best for your practice based on your current needs and future goals. Whether you need a platform to help with billing and client management or want some help increasing client flow and engagement, we have the solution for you.


Everything from booking to billing

Access the essentials needed to run your practice. Simplify your backend, give your clients access to our mobile app with messaging and visit scheduling, and let us handle the billing.


Engage and empower your clients

 Foster meaningful connections with your clients through secure messaging, food, activity, biometric and goal tracking and shared resources. Keep your clients motivated on their health journey, even between visits.


Confidently scale your practice

Access all the features in the Standard and Deluxe tiers with the added benefit of patient flow to your practice. Grow your practice and custom client base with help from the experts.

HUSK Pro Features

Run a thriving practice with one simple, secure solution with features tailored to help you reach your business and client goals.


Online Booking

Enable seamless client bookings with personalized availability and schedule preferences.

Calendar Management

Stay effortlessly organized with integrations across popular calendar applications, ensuring you never miss an appointment, no matter your preferred system.

Automated Reminders

Let our technology handle the reminders! Automated texts, emails and push notifications will ensure your clients stay informed and never miss an appointment.

Video Conferencing

Connect and care for your telehealth clients effortlessly through secure video conferencing, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Client Management

Bid farewell to the chaos of paperwork and spreadsheets. Effortlessly manage all your clients in one centralized solution.

Electronic Health Record

Centralize all your patient forms, visit notes and more for easy access and organization in one secure location.

Billing & Payment

Maximize your collection rate with our integrated medical billing and payment software, ensuring smooth payments whether from insurance-funded or private pay clients.


Unlock business insights through our centralized reporting system that provides real-time data in a snap.

HIPAA Compliant

Your clients' privacy is our top priority. Rest assured, HUSK Pro is fully HIPAA Compliant, safeguarding client information with the utmost care and confidence.


Goal Tracking

Empower your clients with personalized goals and measurable progress so you can work together towards success.

Food Tracking

Allow your clients to effortlessly track their meals in-app with the added capability of adding comments so you can guide them in the right direction and celebrate their progress.

Activity Tracking

Enable your clients to connect to a smart device so that together you can use data to stay accountable. Choose from several device integrations.

Biometric Tracking

Seamlessly track your client’s progress with biometric tracking integrations, enabling you to fine-tune your client’s health plan for successful and sustainable outcomes.

Resource Library

Knowledge at their fingertips! Provide your clients with a wealth of resources - articles, videos, and healthy recipes, all easily accessible in the app.

Rewards System

Progress towards a healthier lifestyle should be rewarded! Through our rewards system clients are incentivized for actions like filling out their insurance information, tracking goals, and staying committed to attending their sessions!


Patient Flow

Join forces with HUSK and tap into a network of over 4,500 organizations providing wellness services to employees and members.

Licensure & Credentialing

We handle the licensure and credentialing process so you can expand your reach and navigate the healthcare landscape with confidence and ease. Focus on your passion for healthcare, and leave the rest to us!


Grow your patient funnel effortlessly without the burden of content creation and management - leaving you with more time to focus on quality care.

Learn How We Empower Healthier Living.