Why Organizations Choose to Offer the Wellness Marketplace

Employers and insurers want to attract healthy employees and members, and motivate them to remain healthy – ultimately resulting in cost savings for the organization. 


Reduce administrative burden by relying on our network of wellness and fitness providers.


Attract and retain employees and members by offering the benefits they want with best-in-class pricing. 


Allow people to choose what makes sense for them no matter where they are on their journey to health. 

Explore HUSK Marketplace

If you liked GlobalFit’s Gym Network, then you will love the HUSK Marketplace! HUSK Marketplace is a gateway to personalized wellness, empowering individuals to define and pursue their unique path to well-being. We offer exclusive discounts on everything from gym memberships and on-demand fitness to virtual health communities and wellness products. HUSK Marketplace consumers gain access to best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

  • Thousands of Gyms Nationwide
  • Virtual Subscriptions Across 5 Wellness Categories
  • Exclusive Membership Pricing
  • Variety of Membership Options
  • Flexible Benefits, Including Freeze & Transfer
  • Insurance-funded Nutrition & Mental Health Services

Featuring Brands Such As:

Learn How We Empower Healthier Living.