National Mental Health Awareness Month Helps Fight Stigma and Preconceived Notions

Even with increasing awareness of the positive effects that treatment provides in addressing mental health issues, the fear of being perceived negatively often keeps people from discussing their concerns and seeking help from a licensed mental health therapist.
While it is a personal decision whether or not to share your situation, recent public disclosures by several high-profile individuals have helped chip away at some of the preconceived notions and myths around mental illness. Public figures including singer Harry Styles, actress Kristen Bell, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania have openly discussed their struggles and the benefits of professional therapy. People have seen Fetterman’s public acknowledgment of his treatment for depression as an indication that the stigma associated with receiving therapy is lessening, as politicians from both parties openly praised his candor.
Since 1949, National Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May to increase awareness and help destigmatize mental illness. If you are struggling, or  someone you know needs help, there are treatment and recovery options. It’s important for people to know that accessing quality mental health care with support from a licensed mental health therapist is attainable, and often available through existing insurance-funded benefits. You can learn more at HUSK, where individuals can access confidential online professional mental health counseling with licensed, accredited professionals.