HUSK Physical Therapy+

Virtual Physical Therapy Seminars

HUSK Physical Therapy+ offers live presentations on physical therapy, delving into popular subjects such as ergonomics, exercise, and low back pain with a comprehensive approach. HUSK Physical Therapists deliver practical tips that attendees can immediately implement, drawing from evidence-based information. Each seminar topic is accompanied by handouts that participants can utilize for individual practice at home.

  • Created and presented by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT).
  • Health seminars include handouts for employees to follow along at home or in the office, which will be shared at the time of the event.
  • Q&A opportunity following the presentation.

Engage and Inform Employees

45-60 Minute Pesentation

Delivered By Doctors of Physical Therapy

Recording Provided

Seminar Topics

In this presentation, we dive into the essentials of ergonomics within office and WFH settings, underscoring its significance for maintaining a productive and healthy work environment. A focus is given on the optimal desk setup to prevent pain and functional limitations, coupled with actionable tips and tactics to support overall musculoskeletal health and wellness. This session aims to arm both employers and employees with the knowledge and strategies needed to foster a more comfortable and efficient workspace, ultimately leading to improved work life and productivity.

This presentation delivers a thorough examination of exercise benefits, including guidelines for adults and insights into developing aerobic and anaerobic workouts. It provides strategies for designing effective exercise programs while prioritizing safety and efficiency in techniques. Attendees gain practical knowledge to integrate exercise seamlessly into their lives, promoting overall health and wellness.


This presentation delves into some of the complexities of Low Back Pain (LBP) through revealing statistics and lumbar spine anatomy. Participants gain insight into common diagnoses causing LBP and learn empowering exercises for back resilience. By decoding pain and promoting motion, the session equips individuals with practical tools to address and prevent LBP effectively.

This presentation explores menopause (MP), shedding light on its definition and the physiological changes it triggers in the body. Attendees gain insights into the effects on cardiovascular, muscle, and bone health during this stage of life, alongside actionable strategies to protect these systems, despite the changes. Additionally, the session highlights critical considerations for movement programming safety, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate potential challenges and promote holistic well-being during menopause. 

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