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The Husk Brand Honors GlobalFit’s History as a Corporate Wellness Pioneer While Embodying The Company’s
Ever-Expanding Services Designed to Empower Healthier Living

WAYNE, PA (SEPTEMBER 27, 2022) – GlobalFit, a wellness technology company that began changing lives in
1992 through physical activity, today announced it is rebranding to Husk. The Husk brand reflects the
company’s expansion in recent years into tele-nutrition, tele-mental health, wellness rewards, digital fitness,
and a wellness marketplace offering best-in-class pricing to the biggest brands in the industry. Husk was
chosen because it represents the protective shell in which something amazing can flourish.
Being healthier is attainable with existing preventative benefits. Husk partners with organizations to make
healthy easier by designing sustainable wellness programs that connect people to their no-cost or low-cost
benefits. “The wellness industry is increasingly conditioning the consumer to pay out-of-pocket for
preventive health services that are already covered by one’s insurer or employer,” said Tony Frick, Chairman
and CEO of Husk. “For example, at Husk our nutrition app and services are fully covered by most major
insurers. We don’t think consumers should have to pay out-of-pocket for an impersonal, flashy, nonevidence-based weight loss app when they can meet with one of Husk’s in-network clinical Registered
Dietitians at no-cost. With the launch of Husk, quality wellness no longer has to be synonymous with
Husk’s curated benefits are designed for sustainable wellbeing. Healthy means something different for
everyone, and prevention is the key to sustained wellness. “When you have a supportive framework for
wellness surrounding your everyday life, you can grow into the best version of yourself,” said Erin Markowski,
COO of Husk. “Through technology and wellness we break down barriers that exist in our health systems
today. We educate consumers and put them in control, opening their minds to things that can improve their
quality of life in the most cost-effective manner possible.”
In addition to expanding its wellness offerings, Husk has grown to nearly 100 team members committed to
serving its employer and insurer clients. The Husk team is a diverse group of innovators, clinicians,
technologists, wellness enthusiasts, and subject matter experts. “We’ve expanded significantly beyond our
fitness roots and Husk reflects who we are today; an organization committed to empowering healthier
living,” said Tony Frick.

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